The Office of China Programs is charged with the development, facilitation and coordination of Michigan State University's collaboration and exchange efforts with China in the areas of teaching, research, outreach and consulting. 

MSU's research and outreach have focused in the areas of:

The Office of China Programs pursues the activities that:

  • Build strategic partnerships with key Chinese research and educational institutions.
  • Increase MSU's visibility through launching transformative projects and programs in China.
  • Expand on–campus commitment and capacity for China programs.
  • Build cultural, economic and civic bridges between China and the State of Michigan.

The Office is engaged equally in scholarly and economic development activities such as:

  • Developing Joint Research Programs
  • Developing Joint Education Programs Facilitating Technology Transfer Consulting Service
  • Assisting the Office of Admissions in recruiting undergraduate students from China
  • Working with the State of Michigan's China Office to promote economic development for the state

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