Since its founding in 1958, the Canadian Studies Center at Michigan State University is the oldest Canadian Studies Center in the United States.

The primary objectives of the Center are to identify and address opportunities and issues affecting U.S.-Canadian relations, and to educate the U.S. citizenry about the impact of Canadian issues in their lives; the Center promotes study of Canada in international, national and local contexts.

The structure of the Center is designed to involve representatives in every level of decision making and deal with a wide variety of interests to include different perspectives in the activities of the CSC. The Center supports more than 70 core faculty from numerous disciplines across campus including the arts and humanities, languages, social sciences and the biological sciences. 

Ongoing outreach projects include the Students for Canada student organization, Great Lakes Folk Festival, East Lansing Film Festival and annual drama workshops presented by Stratford Festival artists in cooperation with the Wharton Center for the Performing Arts.

The Canadian Studies Center was established to "provide teaching, research and outreach to those interested in the many relationships between Canada and the United States." Areas of study include anthropology, American studies, business, economics, English, fisheries and wildlife, food science, geography, history, labor and industrial relations, resource development, social sciences and teacher education.

The Center's goals focus on raising awareness of the U.S./Canada relationship, support research projects related to Canada and to act as MSU's liaison for Canadian government, higher education and public and private sector organizations.

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