Founded in 1960, the MSU's African Studies Center is a Title VI National Resource Center designated by the U.S. Department of Education. The Center provides language education, outreach support and encourages graduate and undergraduate instruction and research about African society, politics, economy, agriculture, history, arts, languages, communications, literature, health, and education. To carry out much of this work the Center has established partnerships with more than 20 institutes of higher education in Africa.

Currently, the Center supports research and training projects in numerous countries including Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya and Rwanda. Many of these are being led by one or more of the Center's 140 core and consulting faculty.

In the 2007-2008 school year, the Center provided nearly $500,000 in student scholarships and faculty funding, including FLAS fellowships and travel support for researchers.

Current research projects include malaria research, food security and the afro-barometer.

Ongoing outreach projects include the community college initiative and support for visiting scholars.The Center also publishes journals and newsletters, offers information on study in Africa and on African colleges and universities, and offers programs on Africa for college and K-12 teachers, business and labor, the media, and the general pubic. Two Ph.D. African studies librarians staff the third largest Africana library in the nation.

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