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Centers and Units

At MSU, International Studies and Programs is a constellation of offices, centers, institutes and programs administratively housed throughout the university. The core activities of most of these units are driven by interdisciplinary groups of faculty drawn from throughout MSU's 17 academic colleges (

The Office of the Dean (/../about/index.htm) of International Studies and Programs facilitates program development and implementation in cooperation with deans of  MSU academic and professional colleges.

With leadership through ISP, international research, educational programs, outreach activities and support services are managed and coordinated by:

Area Study Centers

MSU Area Study Centers collaborate with MSU colleges and language departments to promote foreign language study and international exchange programs. Centers offer a full understanding of areas, regions or countries and link faculty to MSU's international partners to support instruction and research on significant global issues through an interdisciplinary approach.

Student and Scholar Support Units

With a wide variety of expertise, International Studies and Programs student and scholar support units are experienced in mobilizing people across borders to increase international understanding, open opportunities for international education and bring international talent to the MSU community.

Affiliated Thematic Centers

Aligned with MSU academic colleges, Thematic Centers help faculty and students pursue international opportunities that advance knowledge in their academic disciplines and interests. Activities are designed to benefit the educational community and the public sector-regionally, nationally and internationally. MSU's Thematic Centers are home to many of MSU's externally funded international research and development projects, providing opportunity for faculty and students to work throughout the world.

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