Water Access & Quality

Access to clean water is a necessary condition for resilient and sustainable communities. TPP focuses on water projects in Naitolia and Milola villages and on sustainable management of village water systems by working with district governments and communities to improve water access and quality, enhance community water system management, and expand community understanding of the importance of water quality and sustainable water resource management.

The Challenge:

In 2011, Milola's 25-year-old water system broke down- the pipes that carried water from a natural spring, 29 kilometers away, deteriorated because of age and lack of maintenance. Women had to walk great distances to fetch water or use closer but unprotected water sources, putting people's health at risk.

Access to water is a major challenge for Naitolia village. Climate change and drought are making matters
worse. With the main water supply 9 kilometers away, women and children must walk long distances to collect water or pay high prices for water brought to the village by truck.

To sum it up-everything in Tanzania depends on water.

What We Do:

TPP is working with Districts and communities to improve access to and quality of water by:

  • enhancing community water system management capacities and practices
  • improving community understanding of issues related to water quality
  • improving sustainable water resource management