Human Health

For a community to achieve good health and economic prosperity access to healthcare, safe water, nutritious and safe food, education and economic opportunities are essential. TPP takes a holistic approach to health and works with local healthcare, veterinary care and education professionals and government to address challenges in human health and the human-animal health interaction..

The Challenge:

Despite concentrated efforts in Tanzania, access to health services remains a serious challenge with little improvement over the last decade.

HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and parasitic diseases are major causes of death. Childhood diseases and malnutrition are serious problems, especially in the countryside.

Water-associated diseases are also a growing concern as inadequate, unpredictable and contaminated water supplies can contribute to the transmission of diseases such as malaria and schistosomiasis.

What We Do:

Student Health Assessment:

  • Provide training and support to District Health Officers and school officials to collect basic health information on primary students
  • To improve student health and well-being
  • To inform the development of future TPP health related activities
  • To provide baseline data to document the impact of TPP for health activities with school age children