Improving Agriculture & Health through Education

Quality education is key to increasing economic well-being, improving health , strengthening civil society and conserving environmental resources. When families, schools, and communities collectively agree upon educational goals and decide how to reach them, everyone benefits. TPP's work in education focuses on re-embedding schools in the community to improve student learning, teacher professional development and the overall learning environment.

The Challenge:

In Tanzania, primary school enrollment rates are approaching 100 percent. Despite this national achievement, many children, especially rural children and girls, drop out. Many of those who stay in school lack basic reading and math skills.

Several barriers confront children who want to go to school, especially children in rural areas. Children often go to school hungry and walk long distances to school.

At school there are not enough teachers and many of them do not have adequate training. Classrooms are crowded and lack basic educational materials.

What We Do: