Overview of Activities

Diagram of TPP areas of activity and research

In Tanzania PSCD has initiated work in four interrelated and strategic priorities with both development and research dimensions:

Community Empowerment
Focuses on enhancing the capacity of village committees, which are charged with various aspects of community development efforts.

Agriculture and Health through Education
Focuses on improving access to and the quality of education, stu¬dent learning, teacher education and the educational context in which students learn. Projects will include: school gardens, school nutrition, and teacher professional development.

Human Health
Focuses on improving quality health care and nutrition and providing education on the importance of safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

Animal Health
Focuses on maintaining productivity of livestock, reducing livestock disease and improving veterinary services.

Water Access and Quality
Focuses on improving access to and quality of water for communities and enhancing community water system management capacities through training and community education.