The core principles of PSCDs research, education and collaboration:

  • Ensure Sustainability - increase community strengths, enhance community resiliency, promote community empowerment while maintaining economic well-being, environmental health, and social equity.
  • Commit to an Integrative Approach - remove the barriers that separate research, education and development to create a dynamic and synergistic relationship.
  • Engage in Interdisciplinary Research - draw on a range of disciplines and perspectives to address the interrelated and complex nature of challenges faced by communities in the developing world.
  • Promote Participation - unite the knowledge, skills and experiences of villagers, local government officials, researchers, and development professionals to expand understanding, enhance responsiveness and improve practice.
  • Adaptive Learning - focus on a process that continually improves the research, education and development activities and involves villagers, scholars, development professionals, and local government.
  • Establish Long-term Commitments - create relationships based on mutual trust that welcomes research and innovation while at the same time is responsive to new challenges.