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International Studies and Programs works with Michigan State Uiversity deans, department directors and chairs to align international opportunities for student, staff and faculty to engage in study, research, internships and experiential learning - here and abroad. Our programs are developed around strategic themes, partnerships and community platforms. These include:

Development and Innovation Labs (

Through grants and private funding the MSU is proud to be part of programs that help discover solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems and promising opportunities. These programs involve faculty at many of our partner institutions around the world and enhance learning opportunities in research and development for our faculty and students.

We consider these programs tremendous assets, supporting the university's effort to develop the next generation of leaders and global problem solvers.

Educational Programs (

By embracing the ideals of a global university, MSU has brought students from the far reaches of the world to its Michigan campus and sent more students abroad than any other public university. This is rooted in a belief that education and cultural understanding is a catalyst for social and economic transformation at home and abroad

In-Country Programs (

MSU has two sites out of the United States that support the universities educational initiatives. Each site is designed to suit strategic projects and programs that are specific to the region they serve.

Global Learning - BEVI (

Michigan State University is part of an on-going national project to better understand the international, global and multicultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students gain through courses and experiences. The study is coordinated nationally by The Forum on Education Abroad, a global membership association for the field of education abroad, and International Studies and Programs at MSU.

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