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Arther Muneza works with giraffe conservation initiatives across Africa.
Arther Muneza works with giraffe conservation initiatives across Africa.

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From MSU to Africa: protecting the world's wildlife

Posted By: Danielle Fowler    Published: Friday, 03 Mar 2017
Spartans know that working together is the best way to tackle the world's challenges. Arthur Muneza, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, collaborates with giraffe conservation initiatives across Africa to do just that.
Muneza grew up in Kenya, one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. He spent his childhood camping and traveling around the country as a boy scout, and he saw first-hand how wildlife populations were declining. He knew from an early age that he wanted to help.
Today, serves as the East Africa Coordinator for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, an organization that supports conservation initiatives on giraffe subspecies in 14 different countries across Africa.
"Every time I give a presentation and mention that we have lost 40 percent of the giraffe populations across Africa, you can see the audience drop their jaws," said Muneza.
Muneza completed his Master's degree at MSU as a MasterCard Foundation Scholar. After completing his PhD., Muneza plans to develop more conservation research programs to understand the threats to giraffe survival in East Africa. He also aims to train researchers who can join him in being advocates for giraffe conservation in the region.
Muneza is also a member of the RECaP Lab established at MSU, a collection of ecologists devoted to conducting research on the ecology of carnivores and their prey.
"MSU is helping me create a global impact," said Muneza. "As a RECaP member affiliated with MSU, it is always encouraging to connect with Spartans all over the world who do similar work."
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