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Michigan State University American Semester Video Transcript

((Onscreen text) MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN UNITED STATES) Take a step in the world that surrounds you(FOUNDED IN 1855) You search for something that just aint there(A TOP RESEARCH UNIVERSITY, BRINGING SCIENCE AND INNOVATION INTO EVERYDAY LIFE) Hopeless and youthful with no guided highways(200 PROGRAMS OF STUDY, ANIMAL SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, AFRICAN HISTORY, INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY, ACCOUNTING, NUCLEAR PHYSICS, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, ENTOMOLOGY, SUPPLY CHAIN, COMMUNICATIONS) Who do you hope to become?(17 DEGREE-GRANTING COLLEGES) Some silly book or a test can’t define you(A CLASSIC AMERICAN CAMPUS) A thousand words can’t begin to describe(19:1 STUDENT FACULTY RATIO) And the steps that you take are deciding(SPARTANS LOVE OUR GREEN CAMPUS) The very person you are(5,200 ACRE CAMPUS) So take a step from the material world(558 BUILDINGS, 100 MILES OF SIDEWALK) And look into yourself(5,000 FACULTY AND ACADEMIC STAFF) Summon the strength to pull away(A GREAT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT) From all that leads below(SPARTANS CONDUCT WORLD CLASS RESEARCH) ($490 MILLION IN RESEARCH) (AgBio Research, Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, BEACON) Have you found the soul that’s inside you(SCHOLARS FROM AROUND THE WORLD) Can you breathe for the very first time(SPARTANS LOVE OUR FRIENDSHIPS) And the steps that you take are deciding(47,000 STUDENTS AND POTENTIAL FRIENDS) Where you will go this life(SPARTANS ARE FROM ALL 50 STATES…) Summon the strength but don’t be afraid(…AND 135 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE) Of what is left to come(LEADER IN STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS, 226 INTERNATIONAL PARTNER INSTITUTIONS) You’re everything I wished I could be To find the will to believe (THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THE SPARTAN LIFE) Cause you are who you are(600 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS The only one design(ONE OF THE LARGEST INTRAMURAL SPORTS PROGRAMS IN THE NATION) (SPARTANS CAN LIVE ON CAMPUS) Couldn’t be more beautiful(25 RESIDENCE HALL ON CAMPUS) (6 DISTINCT NEIGHBORHOODS) Cause a star is a sign But you complete my sky(PRESTIGIOUS COLLEGE SPORTS, 25 VARSITY PROGRAMS) Couldn’t be more beautiful(AMERICAN FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, HOCKEY) (AMAZING ENTERTAINMENT VENUES, U2) Suit your heart(BROADWAY MUSICALS, CLASSIC MUSIC CONCERTS) Search your soul(GARDENS, ARTS, SCULPTURES) Inside of you(ELI & EDYTHE BROAD ART MUSEUM, EAST LANSING, GREAT AMERICAN COLLEGE TOWN) You are who you are(YOUNG, VIBRANT, SHOPS RESTAURANTS GALLERIES) The only one design(NIGHTLIFE COFFEE SHOPS) Couldn’t be more beautiful(SNOWY WINTERS, WARM SUMMERS, LAKES, TREES AND FARMS) (MUSIC, FOOD AND STYLE) Cause a star is the sign(DID WE MENTION SPARTAN FANS?) But you complete my sky(YOU SAY GO GREEN, WE SAY GO WHITE) Couldn’t be more beautiful(WE LOVE OUR MASCOT SPARTY) (WE ARE A DIVERSE COMMUNITY DEDICATED TO STUDENTS) Couldn’t be more beautiful(SCHOALARS, ATHLETES & ARTISTS,) (SCIENTISTS & LEADERS) You couldn’t be more beautiful(MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN UNITED STATES)