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Michigan State University American Semester

Studying at Michigan State University as an international student offers all that comes with attending one of American's largest and highly ranked research universities but also a cultural experience based on the richness of life in the American Midwest.

Michigan State University American Semester
Spartans Look for Common Denominators that make ...
2010 ISP Holiday Card
Fulbright Fellowships
Spartans Spring into Action to Aid East African ...
Spartans VS. Mosquitoes
Eduardo Guzman
Preparing a Mobile Global Workforce
Uncovering Secrets to Better Medicine
Shaping India's Educational Future
Three-It Might Be A Magic Number For Development
Briana Zeigler in the Peace Corps
Freshman Abroad Programs
African Voices-The Strategy
African Voices-The Future
African Voices-The Need
American Semester
Building a Science and Technology Bridge to a ...
2011 Global Festival
2011 Tales from Abroad Essay Contest
2011 International Student Essay Contest Winner
Stephen Wong
Office of International Students and Scholars
Boen Purnama
Albert Mwangi
Salleh Mohd. Nohr
Lawrence Scott Sheets
American Semester Program
Robert Blake
MSU Canadian Studies - Brian Folmar
Michigan State University Freshman Seminar Abroad
MSU Experts Fight TB
MSU Producing Clean Energy at Rural Areas
Bird Conservation and Ornithology at MSU
MSU Ensures Safe Packaging
Global Education Experience at MSU
MSU Global Center for Food System Innovation
Making Beautiful Music
Legumes Innovation Lab with Irv Widders
The Dialogue, a film created by CBE and ...
Global Center for Food Systems Innovation and ...
Local Food Systems, important to the Global Food ...
Community-based Natural Resource Managment
Food Systems Innovation and Education
Multi-disciplinary nature of the Legumes ...
MSU Tanzania Partnership Program Study Abroad
MSU's Global Network and Partnerships
African Studies Center and Students
MSU African Studies Center History
MSU African Studies Center Goals
The truth is, I was terrified.
In The Eyes of Others

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