International Research

Latin America:4, Africa:30, Europe & Eurasia:5, Asia:7, Global:17
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International Research and Development Projects

International Studies & Programs supports MSU teams who are involved in cross-college, cross-continental consortiums that are focused on bending the trends of population growth, urbanization and rising demand for food, water and energy. We work in these areas to assure the marginalized and disadvantaged benefit from our efforts.

The documents below are the international research and development projects that align with these goals and have external funding of more than $250,000.

Download pdfs for information on MSU work in education, environment, food and health.

Updates are made after grants are reported at the MSU Board of Trustee meetings. The last update for this information was June 2013.

The Office of International Research Collaboration (OIRC)

The Office of International Research Collaboration (OIRC) provides support in developing, coordinating and submitting international research proposals. OIRC provides many other services to faculty interested in international research to reduce transaction costs of proposal submission. Please visit our website to learn more.

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