International Partnerships

MSU formalizes its strategic international partnerships through written agreements. These Memoranda of Understanding or Agreement (MOUs/MOAs) are developed for a variety of purposes, including faculty and/or student exchanges, other forms of study abroad programs, research and resource sharing.

How to Create an MOU/MOA


  1. Follow MOU/MOA Drafting Protocol (General)
  2. General MOU/MOA (DOC)
  3. Exchange Agreement Form (DOC)
  4. Complete review form
  5. Submit form(s) and MOU/MOA proposal for review
  6. Await response from ISP Office of the Dean regarding ACC's decision
  7. If MOU is approved, print MOU/MOA and obtain appropriate signatures including that of the ISP Dean and the provost.
  8. Inform ISP Office of the Dean of any changes to agreements via e-mail ( or telephone (517-355-2350)

Additional Resources