What is the Global Learning Survey

Michigan State University is part of an on-going national project to better understand the international, global and multicultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students gain through courses and experiences. The study is coordinated nationally by The Forum on Education Abroad, a global membership association for the field of education abroad, and International Studies and Programs at MSU.

To collect information an online survey called Belief, Events and Values Inventory (BEVI) has been created. To participate in the project, students will be asked to complete a BEVI as well as generate a Portfolio in ANGEL.

Survey Purpose

The purpose of the research study, "Lessons Learned in Assessing Global Learning," is to determine how students gain international, global and multicultural perspectives through a broad range of learning opportunities, and how these experiences impact them. Examples of this learning include:

  • Knowledge about your own culture, other cultures, global issues
  • Skills such as using a second language or critical thinking
  • Attitudes toward cultural differences, art, religions, philosophies

Participate in the Survey

Students who would like to participate in the survey should visit the Global Learning Survey page.