Project Funding

Fulbright Grants


ISP Dean's Fund for Special Activities

Discretionary fund to support international seminars and symposia on campus which lead to significant scholarly research, publications and active learning.

MSU/Israeli Universities Cooperative Fund

Supports exchanges between Michigan State University and universities in Israel with similar programs where such interaction is mutually beneficial to MSU and Israeli partners. The Fund enhances research, study and travel opportunities for faculty and students.

The following requirements apply to the Fund:

  1. It shall cover expenses incurred in initiation and support of exchanges between Michigan State University and compatible Israeli institutions.
  2. Special focus will be given to strong science and engineering programs at MSU and cooperating Israeli universities.
  3. Special consideration for the fund will go to those projects most likely to lead to ongoing interaction and attract additional funding from other sources.
  4. Priority consideration, following the previous guidelines, will be given to establishing and maintaining linkages with programs at the Technion (Haifa, Israel).

Niehoff, Schuler and Adams Fund

Encourages and supports the formation of groups composed of community leaders, faculty members from various disciplines, and students who will meet on a regular basis to discuss issues of global significance. Write a proposal outlining your plans or ideas, including project budget with identified matching funds, and submit it to Mike Stokes, International Studies and Programs, 207 International Center.

Study Abroad Development Fund

Provides MSU faculty with partial funding for a site visit to the country in which they would like to develop a program. For further information, contact the Office of Study Abroad.

For more information on these and other awards, contact the International Studies and Programs Dean's office at 517-355-2350 or email inquiries to

For help finding external sources of funding for international research projects, contact the Office of International Development at 517-332-9184 or email inquiries to