Graduate Student Scholarships

Fellowships for Less Commonly Taught Languages

Listed below are three language and culture fellowships for less commonly taught languages, available through the African Studies Center (100 International Center); Asian Studies Center (301 International Center); and Center for Advanced Study of International Development (202 International Center):

Dr. Charles and Marjorie Gliozzo Dissertation Research Scholarship

This scholarship is for US doctoral students who wish to undertake primary or secondary research abroad.

Fulbright Grants

Graduate Student International Travel Grant (GSITG)

ISP offers small travel grants to graduate students at MSU who are engaged in research that deals with international issues. The Graduate Student International Travel Grant (formerly the Global Young Scholars Grant) provides funding for graduate students to present papers with an international focus at international professional conferences at international locations. For more information, see the Graduate School Funding Guide.

Grants For Individuals: International Travel And Study Abroad


International Student Mandela Fellowship Program (PDF)*

The award is provided to a graduate student/junior faculty or professional from South Africa. Candidates are nominated by the MSU department recommending admission. First preference will be given to those applicants applying to come to MSU for the first time and from home institutions with linkage agreements with MSU who also have matching support from their home institution. Nominations should be submitted by April 15th each year.

Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program (DOC)

Two annual awards to encourage MSU African students to enhance their studies and make a contribution to the development of their country. Women are strongly urged to apply. For more information contact the Office for International Students and Scholars, 103 International Center.

S.C. Lee Best Paper Award

Award for the best graduate paper on an Asian topic. For more information contact the Asian Studies Center, 108 International Center.

Traveling Scholar Program (for Ph.D. candidates only)

The Traveling Scholar Program enables doctoral-level students at any CIC university to take advantage of educational opportunities--specialized courses, unique library collections, unusual laboratories--at any other CIC university without change in registration or increase in tuition.

Walker Hill Scholarship

An award for an MSU doctoral student at pre-dissertation stage who has completed adequate credits to have pre-dissertation research objectives. Description, appropriateness and feasibility of pre-dissertation research objectives to be accomplished during the period spent abroad. Financial need may be considered, previous recipients of a Walker Hill award or an ISP Predissertation Travel Award are not eligible. To be used for pre-dissertation visits to the site of the doctoral research in a country outside the United States (for international students, research in one's own country does not qualify).

Whittier Endowed International Health Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is available to MSU graduate students (Master's or Ph.D. level) or MSU professional students who are in the either the College of Human Medicine or the College of Osteopathic Medicine. It is meant to fund international health research (graduate level) or approved international health clerkships (4-6 week duration) for third or fourth year medical students.


MSU Library's Scholarships for Graduate Students

This is a very comprehensive list of scholarship opportunities for graduate students.

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