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Special Topic Film Clips from The DialogueOpens in new window

Special topic film clips from The Dialogue associated with the Challenges of Communicating Across Differences, Speaking a Second Language, and Non-Verbal Communication.

China - The oldest Civilization on Earth! Discovery Channel, China 1. April 5, 2008.Opens in new window

Cross-Cultural Awakening Challenge (Facebook/Twitter) (PDF)*Opens in new window

Facebook & Twitter-based reflective/interactive activities to be used in conjunction with the film The Dialogue. Developed by Constantinos Coursaris, Assistant Professor, Telecommunications, Michigan State University.

The Dialogue YouTube Booth (PDF)*Opens in new window

The goal of this exercise is to engage students in a discussion before screening of The Dialogue to determine how their perceptions and attitudes change as a result of viewing the film. The YouTube activity capitalizes on the unique strengths of YouTube to expand the impact of The Dialogue documentary to a wider audience beyond the film screenings. Developed by Saleem Alhabash, Assistant Professor, Advertising & Public Relations, Michigan State University.

The Dialogue Facebook Conversation Challenge (PDF)*Opens in new window

Using Facebook, the goal of this challenge is to engage students in conversations about the content of the documentary The Dialogue before and after screening. Developed by Saleem Alhabash, Assistant Professor, Advertising & Public Relations, Michigan State University.

A Conversation with Chinese Students and American StudentsOpens in new window

This 17-minute video presents a candid conversation of two groups of undergraduate students at Michigan State University. They're not experts in the field of inter-cultural communication or Chinese-US relations. They are students sharing their honest points of view. Produced by Michigan State University.

Imported from ChinaOpens in new window

"Imported from China" is a half-hour documentary film that follows individuals from China who are navigating college life in the U.S. This documentary, created by a team of journalism and other Communication Arts students and led by Academic Specialist Troy Hale and Associate Professor Geri Zeldes Alumit, follows several Chinese international students who are grappling with finding a place in American Universities and within the larger U.S. context. The film demonstrates how relationships are nurtured and shaped across cultural boundaries. "Imported from China" is also a snapshot of the largest demographic shift in the university's history.

Intercultural Understanding

Documentary Film Project: High School Students (PDF)*Opens in new window

Grade levels 9–12. The goal of the short documentary film project is to understand the importance of pre-production planning, post production work, shot techniques, and editing techniques by bringing visions to reality through filmmaking techniques and storytelling. Developed by Jeff Croley, Director of Theatre Department, DeWitt High School, DeWitt, Michigan.

Cultural Gaffes - Beyond Your BordersOpens in new window

An eight-minute video shows you how easy it is to commit a blunder, a gaffe, a slip-up in another culture. Things as simple and normal as sitting on the edge of a desk may be insulting in another country. See 14 examples of cultural gaffes acted out, then get some advice on how to try to avoid making such mistakes when you travel to another culture. Peace Corps makes available this video, the sequel, Cultural Gaffes at Home and Abroad, and other videos focusing on different world regions.

U.S. Global Competence – A 21st Century Imperative Opens in new window

A 21st Century Imperative makes the case that U.S. global competence in the 21st century is not a luxury, but a necessity. Whether engaging the world or our culturally diverse homeland, the future success of the U.S. will rely on the global competence of our people. Global competence must become part of the core mission of education--from K-12 through graduate school.

American Council on Education/Center for International InitiativesOpens in new window

This website celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Higher Education Act–Title VI and Fulbright-Hays programs. The creation of these programs by the federal government in 1958 and 1961, respectively, marked the beginning of a major U.S. commitment to devote new attention to the world beyond its borders. This federal government–higher education partnership has built a foundation for internationalizing the U.S. education system. Our Global Symposium and Global Competence Videos demonstrate the results: a world-class reservoir of educational programs and professionals with deep international and regional expertise, foreign language abilities and cultural knowledge.

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