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Film Director’s Statement (PDF)*Opens in new window

Film overview by the producer/director, Arnd Wachter, with suggestions for discussions and activities.

Film Director’s Guide (PDF)*Opens in new window

Facilitator's Discussion Guide from the Director

The Dialogue - Pre/Post Survey for High School Students (PDF)*Opens in new window

Pre- and post-surveys for high school for administration with the documentary. Developed by Dawn Stark, Everett High School, Lansing, Michigan.

Post-Screening Questions - Reflection and Discussion (PDF)*Opens in new window

Questions for teachers/facilitators to stimulate discussion as it relates to views and opinions about the film The Dialogue. Developed by Jason LaFay, English Teacher, DeWitt High School, DeWitt, Michigan. LaFayj@dewittschools.net

*Adobe Acrobat Reader Opens in new window is required to read PDF documents.