About Us

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About Us

Countries are no longer islands that can independently tackle issues of environment, poverty or globalization. We need a network of individuals across social, physical and intellectual borders who are trained to understand and address cross-cultural conflicts and can grow an interconnected global community.

To improve understanding in this global context, MSU and Crossing Border Education have come together to produce a film that will explore the importance and complexity of intercultural communication.

The feature film is set in China — and is titled The Dialogue-Exploring Ways to Communicate Across Cultures.


The feature-length documentary film The Dialogue-Exploring Ways to Communicate Across Cultures aims to accelerate the formation of a global network of individuals who have developed intercultural communication skills for conflict mediation.

The film is designed to share first-hand insights with students and the general public through personal story telling. An accompanying toolkit is designed to support meaningful discussions led by educators. The film will be shown at international film festivals, on television, and available through video outlets.