ISP Photo Contest

  • Solid black background square with the name below it. Superimposed over 90% of the lower left of the black square and overlapping out into whitespace is a sphere with green/black semi-horizontal ess shaped lines implying the swirling planet Earth.
  • Large Spartan-green block letter S above the name.
  • Horizontal block with green letters spelling out 'Michigan State' above a horizontal line with 'University' below the line.

For MSU Global Focus 2005, 30 winning images were chosen from more than 200 entries. These winning photos, along with information about the artists, their prizes, and the prize sponsors, are displayed from the menu above. Framed enlargements of the 2005 top three photos from each category were displayed in the International Center lobby in spring 2006, and enlargements of some of honorable mention photos may be on display elsewhere in the building.

Global Focus 2005 prize list!