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Competition and Awards

International Awards (/awards.htm)

The International Awards Ceremony is hosted each spring by the Dean of International Studies and Programs. The purpose is to bring together MSU faculty, staff, students, community volunteers and others from the wider community to recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions toward international understanding.

Global Focus Photo Competition (/photocontest/)

Michigan State University Global Focus (/photocontest/) is an international photography competition for faculty, staff, alumni and students. The competition was created in 1999 by International and Studies and Programs to highlight the involvement of the MSU community around the world.

International Students and Scholars Essay Competition (

Each year, the Office for International Students and Scholars hosts an essay competition to build greater cross-cultural understanding and to learn from the experiences of MSU's international students.

Study Abroad Photo ( and Essay ( Contests

MSU is proud to have one of the nation's largest study abroad programs spanning the world and helping to build international understanding through education. Our annual photo and essay contests aim to capture the essence of study abroad, by encouraging students either to capture through photography or write creatively about the unique living and learning experiences study abroad provides.

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