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Area, Thematic and Language Instruction

In order to connect people and ideas globally, International Studies & Programs provides opportunities for students to increase their knowledge of world area studies, global thematic topics and foreign language, especially less-commonly taught languages. With these educational experiences, students can engage in study, research, internships and experiential learning, which enhances both in-the world knowledge and intercultural skills.

Foreign Language and Less Commonly Taught Languages

MSU’s world area studies center offer language instruction and fellowships for the less commonly taught languages. Visit these centers sites to learn more about their resources.

Center for Language Education & Research

Facts and Stats

  • MSU teaches 23 Asian languages spanning all six major sub-regions of Asia
  • MSU teaches more than a 12 African languages
  • MSU awards approximately 16 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships every summer

Watch Video: Fulbright scholar discusses his research in Argentina.

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