Advancing MSU's International Mission

The Office of the Dean of International Studies and Programs is at the hub of international efforts at Michigan State University. With offices located on MSU's East Lansing campus in the International Center —a focal point for international students, visitors, and events—the dean of ISP has direct responsibility for five area study centers, and 11 other offices and programs. ISP also works closely with thematic international units across the campus focusing on international aspects of agriculture, business, education, gender, health, and languages, within the academic colleges.

The existence of the ISP units as university-level entities uniquely positions the division not only to mediate effectively among units with disparate agendas, but also to help identify and forge cross-college collaborations and identify opportunities that draw on resources from across the university. ISP's units advance knowledge and transform lives through their leadership and facilitative roles as: 1) resource centers for foreign language and area, international, and global studies; 2) avenues for MSU faculty, students, and staff, and their international partners to collaborate in research, teaching, and outreach to address critical global issues of state-wide and national relevance; and 3) sources of outreach programming for K-16 students and teachers, lifelong learners, and Michigan businesses.

Faculty are the core of Michigan State University's international strength. Currently, MSU has more than 1,400 faculty who are engaged in international scholarship, instruction, and work abroad. TheOffice of the Dean of ISP and its constituent units work with faculty and colleges to:

  • Increase the internationalization of our curriculum, campus, and community

  • Enhance MSU's position as a leader in language instruction, particularly in critical, less commonly taught languages

  • Expand MSU's international research on priority topics, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations linking the STEM and health disciplines to the social sciences, arts and humanities

  • Coordinate campus-wide efforts to enhance our research, teaching, and engagement partnerships with key institutions and constituencies around the world where together we can have a transformational impact

In addition, the dean's office is involved in a wide range of activities to further the international mission of the university including:

  • Administer grants and awards

  • Coordinate international fellowships and scholarships

  • Organize events and conferences

  • Develop print publications and Web resources

  • Facilitate internal and external media coverage of the university's international activities and involvements

  • Facilitate the development and implementation of a strategic vision for the university's diverse international programming agenda